31 October 2014


Vocabulary building is important for both reading comprehension and writing. 

Use the following two words in one sentence (note the part of speech).

complement (verb) and disparate (adjective).

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Olena140 said...

Michael, could you please confirm that complement is supposed to be used as an adjective? I was only able to find it as a noun or a verb.

Thank you.

Audrey L said...

As a sports fan, in two months it will be one of my favourite times of the year: Major League Baseball will end with another thrilling World Series, the NFL will have just crossed the mid-point of an historic season in which several important records will have been broken, and both hockey and basketball will have started up again.

Audrey L said...

Oups wrong answer... sorry this was my answer for "Time change" question.

I agree with Olena140. Following to my search, "Complement" is a noun.

Michael said...

Hi there,

Thanks for pointing out my error. Of course, I should have indicated that "complement" is to be used as a verb.

Liudmila said...

These two words may seem disparate, but they complement each other in a sentence.

SabrinaD155 said...

That is a disparate flower arrangement, but they complement each other well in the crystal vase.

Audrey L said...

Black and white colors are really disparate colors, but they complement each other in some design.

Olena140 said...

Even though their tastes in fashion were disparate in general, her newly bought scarf complemented well the evening attire she chose to wear that night.

Michael said...

Very good!

But, Sabrina, in your sentence, "they" is ambiguous. I think you are referring to "flowers", but you only mention "arrangement".

Consider something like:

"The flowers in that arrangement are disparate, but they complement each other well..."

BaileyPelech said...

That jacket is quite disparate, but it complements your skin tone very nicely.