31 October 2014


Write two sentences using the word remember.

In the first sentence, use the word in the active voice; in the second sentence, use it in the passive voice.


SabrinaD155 said...

Active voice: The old woman remembered her wedding.

Passive voice: The wedding was remembered.

Olena140 said...

I remember him as an unbelievably lucky person, but he is also remembered for being bad at games.

Audrey L said...

Active Voice: I remember where I left my wallet.

Passive voice: The man is remembered

Liudmila said...

Students should remember a syllabus.

A syllabus should be remembered by students.

Michael said...

Well done, everyone!

BaileyPelech said...

Active voice: Remember to lock the door.
Passive voice: I remembered to lock the door.