4 June 2013


Learning to combine ideas into more complex sentences is an important skill in writing. There are many ways to do this--many possible bonus points! Try to combine the following three sentences.

Sentence 1: Father’s Day is not a holiday in Canada.           
Sentence  2: Father’s Day does fall on a Sunday, and many people do have that day off work.        Sentence 3: It is good to see that Fathers are acquiring larger recognition for their role in bringing up their children.


SarahG said...

In Canada, although Father's Day is on a Sunday, it is not a holiday; yet a positive change shows recognition of men in their roles raising children is improving greatly.

Veronica Baig said...

SARAH: That's a good solution:-)

Katherine Eng 140 said...

More Fathers these days have a large role in raising their children and it is good to see they receive the recognition they deserve by celebrating Father’s Day; even though it is not a holiday in Canada, many people have the day off work because Father’s Day falls on a Sunday.