20 June 2013


The exotic imported sports dark red car has been driving to fast when it'd skid of the road and the passenger too young women is injured serious.
1. Adjective word order: There is a rule governing the order of adjective usage--opinion, dimension, age, shape, colour, origin, material. Given that order, the adjectives should be “exotic, imported, dark red, sports ”.
2. Missing subject: who is driving the car--the car doesn’t drive itself; someone has to drive it. It’s possible to add “someone”.
3. Passive voice: if we omit the subject from the first clause, then the verb should be in the passive--was being driven--then it is understood that someone was driving the car.
4. Verb tense: if we have a subject and want to use the active voice, then the verb becomes “was driving”.
5. Word confusion: ‘to” is a preposition; here the intensifier “too” is needed; it’s an adverb.
6. Word confusion: don’t confuse “of” and “off”.
7. Verb tense: “it’d skid” means “it had skid”--there is no such verb form. The simple past is “skidded”.
8. Verb tense: the injury happened in the past, so use the simple past tense--was injured.
9. Word form/order” “serious” is an adjective; the word describes the verb ‘injure” so the adverb “seriously” is needed. Also note that the adverb places between the two parts of this verb--was seriously injured.
10. Punctuation: Adjectives in a series are separated by commas--the comma before the last one is optional. Also note that “two young women” is an appositive, so set it off with commas.
Possible Answer: The exotic, imported, dark red, sports car was being driven too fast when it skidded off the road, and the passengers, two young women, were seriously injured.

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