4 June 2013

PUZZLE, June 4th, 2013

Congratulations to Sarah for correctly solving the puzzle.
Previous puzzle: Suggested answers
1. a. Mark left after healing         b. Vehicle                                            scar/car
2. a. To have hit                           b. Vehicle                                            struck/truck
3. a. Intelligent                             b. Individual store                              smart/mart
4. a. Tiny                                      b. Large retail complex                      small/mall
5. a. Take illegally                        b. Bluish green                                   steal/teal
6. a. Clean the floor                      b. Cry                                                 sweep/weep
7. a. Expressed in words               b. Give assistance                              said/aid
8. a. Talk                                       b. Highest level; summit                    speak/peak

New Puzzle: When beheading a word, remove the first letter and still have a valid word. The clue for, longer of the two words is first (behead the first word).
Example: a. Begin  b. Sour, acidic               Answer: Start and Tart.

1. a. Barrier                                         b. Everything
2. a. Full amount                                 b. An opening
3. a. Season                                         b. Bury
4. a. Roll around in mud                     b. Permit
5. a. Females                                       b. Prophetic sign
6. a.Twist forcibly                               b. Circular band
7. a.Being victorious                           b. Baseball game division
8. a. One of the five W's                     b. Head covering
Note: Only the first correct answer receives a bonus point.


Regina140 said...

wring/ ring
winning/ inning
what/ hat

Veronica Baig said...

SARAH: Congratulations:-)