19 January 2017


Solution to the previous puzzle:

As I was going to St. Ives
I met a man with seven wives
Each wife had seven sacks
Each sack had seven cats
Each cats had seven kits
Kits, cats, sacks and wives

How many were going to St. Ives?

One, assuming you just crossed paths with the man and his enormous entourage. 

New Puzzle:

What are the blended words that come from the following pairs.

Example:    flutter + hurry
Answer:     flurry.

1.  blank out + beep
2.  pain + sting
3.  haggle + tussle
4.  dumb + confound
5.  bold + rash
6.  chuckle + snort
7.  internal + communication
8.  blow + spurt

*Note, the first person with the correct answer gets the bonus point.


dianaz said...

Bleep, Pang, Hassle, Dumbfound, Brash, Chortle, Intercom, Blurt

Michael said...

Well done!