27 October 2016


We can describe someone who has a feeling of regret  as complacent

First, write a sentence that uses this word.

Then rewrite the sentence, first using a synonym and then using an antonym for this word. 

Each participant should suggest a different synonym and antonym.

Example: easy.

This exercise is easy.
Synonym: simple. This exercise is simple.
Antonym: difficult. This exercise is difficult.


dianaz said...

I really should have bought the dress, I feel complacent because I didn't buy it when it was on sale.


Later, I felt complacent because I didn't buy the dress when it was on sale.


Earlier, I was thinking I might feel complacent if I didn't buy a dress while they were on sale.

Michael said...

Diana, I'm not sure that you have answered the question. You did not provide a synonym or an antonym.