21 July 2016


Follow the instructions below to create three different sentences from the following clause:*

... It has been a cool summer ...

Sentence 1. Add a phrase      
Sentence 2. Add a dependent clause
Sentence 3. Add an independent clause

*Add your words to the beginning or end of the clause (but not both) and do not use a semi-colon to join your independent clause.


Brad Letourneau said...

1) It has been a cool summer for me.
2) It has been a cool summer followed by a warm winter.
3) It has been a cool summer in the northern city of Edmonton, which is home to the professional NHL team the Edmonton oilers and the professional CFL team the Edmonton Eskimos.

Michael said...

Good try, Brad.

But "followed by a warm winter" is not a dependent clause.
Also, your third sentence adds a relative clause, which is a type of dependent (not independent) clause.