31 March 2016


Solution to the previous puzzle

1. prosecute     SUE
2. scoundrel     CUR (or perhaps CON)
3. falsities         LIES
4. stockings      SOCKS
5. pantaloons    PANTS
6. brackets       BRACES

Other answers were possible.

New Puzzle:

Five words that contain GM as a letter pair have had all of their other letters removed and placed into a pool.

You have to put those letters back in their proper places to find the words.

Here are the words:

**GM*, **GM**, ***GM*, ****GM, **GM***

And here is the pool:

A, A, A, A, B, E, E, H, I, L, N, N, P, P, S, T, T, U, Y, Y

*Note, the first person with the correct answer gets the bonus point.

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