17 March 2016


Solution to the previous puzzle

o … honor (o/or/nor/horn/honor)
i … detail (i/id/lid/idle/ideal/detail)
i … elation (i/it/lit/lint/latin/latino/elation)

Other answers were possible.

New Puzzle:

Each of the following words contains a shorter word with the same meaning.

Example: "rapscallion" contains the word "rascal": RApSCALlion

See if you can find the words hidden below:

1. prosecute
2. scoundrel
3. falsities
4. stockings
5. pantaloons
6. brackets

*Note, the first person with the correct answer gets the bonus point.


Enya 140 said...

1. Prosecute :sue
2. Scoundrel : louse
3. Falsities: false
4. Stockings: sock
5. Pantaloons: Pants
6. Brackets: brace

Michael said...

Good try, Leah.

I actually like "louse" as a synonym for "scoundrel". But the letters are in the wrong order.
Also, "falsities" are "lies".