26 November 2015


Follow the instructions below to create three different sentences from the following clause:*

... December is almost upon us ...

Sentence 1. Add a phrase      
Sentence 2. Add a dependent clause
Sentence 3. Add an independent clause

*Add your words to the beginning or end of the clause (but not both) and do not use a semi-colon to join your independent clause.


angel Paniagua Perez said...

December is almost upon us .

Add a phrase -
Since it's after American Thanksgiving, December is upon us.
Add a dependent clause -
December is almost upon us with the freezing rain.
Add an independent clause -
So the time of running around to buy gifts at the over crowded stores has begun.

Angel Eng 140

Michael said...

Angel, your second sentence adds a phrase not a dependent clause, and your third sentence is missing one of the clauses.