19 September 2014


Vocabulary building is important for both reading comprehension and writing. 

Use the following two words in one sentence (note the part of speech).

equanimity (noun) and loquacious (adjective).

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Audrey L said...

Even if this doctor is very loquacious, his mind is maintaining equanimity.

Liudmila said...

His equanimity helps him avoid conflicts with such loquacious and noisy neighbours.

Cecilia Marcillo said...

Equanimity and kindness are qualities a Pastor needs when he deals with loquacious people.

Olena140 said...

They say women are more loquatious than men, but in their family she was the bulwark of equanimity.

Michael said...

Well done, everyone!

Audrey, your use of the progressive tense is a little awkward here.