5 September 2014


Write two sentences using the word beat.

In the first sentence, use the word in the active voice; in the second sentence, use it in the passive voice.


Audrey L said...

Active voice: My heart is beating very fast.

Passive voice: I was beaten by Mike Tyson.

Cecilia Marcillo said...

Active voice: Matthew beats his older brother Michael

Passive voice: Michael was beaten by his younger brother Matthew.

Olena140 said...

My family beats me at every board game we play. I was beaten for so long, I cannot remember if I ever won one.

active and passive

Liudmila said...

Active voice:
If I ran faster, I would beat my rivals.
Passive voice:
My speed record was beaten at the last race.

BaileyPelech said...

Active voice: I could hear the beating of the drums from a mile away.

Passive Voice: I was beaten in the 200 m dash by my cousin.

Michael said...

Very well done, everyone! I'm impressed!

Bailey, your first sentence is in the active voice, but note that you are using "beat" as a gerund rather than a verb.