5 September 2014


Solution to the previous puzzle:  

model, synod, bodice, product, cathode

New Puzzle:

Now that we know how to play this game, let's try it again!

Five words that contain EM as a letter-pair have had all of their other letters removed and placed into a pool. Put those letters back in their proper places. What are the words?

*EM**, *EM***, **EM**, ****EM, **EM***

Pool: A, A, C, D, F, H, H, I, I, I, L, N, N, O, P, R, R, S, T, U

Each asterisk represents one missing letter.

Note, the first person with the correct answer gets the bonus point.


Olena140 said...

This one was much harder so it took me a while. Hope this is correct:

femur remind anemia phloem chemist

Michael said...

Well done, Olena! You got them all!