8 August 2014


Follow the instructions below to create three different sentences from the following clause.*

... football season has just begun ...

Sentence 1. Add a phrase      

Sentence 2. Add a dependent clause
Sentence 3. Add an independent clause

*Add your words to the beginning or end of the clause (but not both).


rehabo said...

1-Football season has just begun after August 10th. phrase
2-All the fans knows that the football season has just begun. dependent clause
3-All the waiting is finally over, the football season has just begun. an independent clause

Audrey L said...

Sentence 1. Phrase:
Football season has just begun in a cool wet afternoon.

Sentence 2. Dependent clause: Keep in mind that football season has just begun.

Sentence 3. Independent clause: Football season has just begun, but the team just lost their best player.

Michael said...

rehabo, your third sentence is a comma splice.

Audrey, your first sentence is good, but I think the preposition should be "on".