22 August 2014


Write two sentences using the word correct.

In the first sentence, use the word in the active voice; in the second sentence, use it in the passive voice.


rehabo said...

1-I corrected my grammar mistakes. Active
2-My grammar mistakes was corrected by me. Passive Voice

Yu Jin said...

1. active voice
I recognize that she is the best one we have.
2. passive voice
She is the best one we have that is recognized by the committee.

Liudmila said...

A student corrected his reports.
Reports were corrected by a student.

Audrey L said...

1- Active voice: The teacher corrected the exam.

2- Passive voice: The exam was corrected by the teacher.

Michael said...

Good try, rehabo. You got the active and passive correct. But there is a subject-verb agreement error in your second sentence. Can you see it?

I think you have misunderstood the instructions, Yu Jin. You were supposed to use the word "correct" in your sentences. Otherwise, you seem to understand the difference between active and passive.

Well done, Liudmila and Audrey!