15 November 2013


When the committee had met last week it is decided that they approved constructing of a new retiring centre for benefiting Seniors and there family’s which had been living in a surrounding area.

1.  Verb tense and consistency: The verb “met” needs to be in the simple past; it happened last week which is a definite time in the recent past. The following verb also needs to be in the simple past and in the active voice: “is decided’ should be changed to “decided.” Also, change “had been living” to “are living” as they are still in the area; they didn’t move away while waiting for the retirement centre to be built.

2. Noun-pronoun agreement: “Committee” is a collective noun. Unless the individual members of the group are emphasized, it is singular; “it” is correct.

3.  Incorrect wording: change “that they approved constructing” to “to approve construction.”

4.  Word form error: “Retiring” is the present participial adjective. Here you need a noun form to modify “centre”. Use "retirement."

5.  Gerund or infinitive: Instead of “for benefiting” use “to benefit.”

6.  Word confusion: “There” is an adverb of place; here you need the possessive adjective “their”.

7.  Plural form: The plural of “family” is “families”; it’s not a possessive.

8.  Relative pronoun: When referring to people use “who” not “which.”

9.  Article usage: When referring to something specific, use “the”, not “a.”

10. Capitalization: “Seniors” is a not a proper noun; do not use a capital.

11. Punctuation:  After an introductory phrase or clause, use a comma.

Possible Answer: 

When the committee met last week, it decided to approve construction of a new retirement centre to benefit seniors and their families who are living in the surrounding area.

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