31 January 2013


There are three idioms that use the word for GOLD:

Watch this video and then write a sentence of your own that uses one of these three idioms.


Sara said...

1. That boy behaves very well; he is as good as gold.
2. My friend is always there to help out; she has a heart of gold.
3. His recommendation was so valuable; it was worth its weight in gold.

Norma English 143 said...

My cat, Kramer,is as good as gold; he never tries to catch the birds at the feeder.
My friend, Elva, has a heart of gold; she always helps people who are in need.
My dictionary is worth its weight in gold.

Veronica Baig said...

SARA: Great sentences:-)
NORMA: Well done!

RufusENGL143 said...


1. John, my choir master is well
known in our church as a
thrustworthy person. His word
promise is as good as a gold.

2. Paul a relentless community
volunter for any events is
sympathatetic to neighbours
concerns and issues. Paul have
a hearth of gold.

3. My counsellor advice on
my career path was
compatitble with my
aspiration. Her advice worth
its weight in gold.

Alexey said...

Alexey ENGL140

My Granny had a heart of gold; she always helped homeless people.

Veronica Baig said...

RUFUS: Good understanding, but there are grammar and punctuation errors in #s 2 and 3;-)
ALEXEY: Good answer!