24 April 2015


Studying on my own pace is a lot of benefit for me due to I do not need to be worrying about no time for attend classes.

1. Preposition use:

We often use the phrase "on pace" to describe something that is proceeding according to schedule; but when we describe how fast something is, we use the preposition "at". Likewise, we often speak of having "time for" something; but in this case we need "to" because we are using the infinitive.

2. Plural:

Since "a lot" refers to more than one thing, we need to use the plural ("benefits"). Otherwise, we could remove the modifier and simply use of the idiomatic phrase "of benefit".

3.  Verb choice:

We can keep the verb "is" if we use the phrase "of benefit". But if we want to go with the plural, we should say that studying "has" or "offers" a lot of benefits. Otherwise, we could use the adjective form, and say that it "is beneficial".

4.  Connective problem:

If you want to keep "due to", then you need to add a noun, for example, "the fact" ("...due to the fact that..."). Otherwise use something like "because" instead.

5.  Verb form:

After "need" use the infinitive ("to worry").

6.  Negatives:

Using two negatives this close together is awkward and confusing; omit “no” , and use “having”.

Possible solution:

Studying at my own pace has a lot of benefits for me because I do not need to worry about having time to attend classes.

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