8 January 2015


Change the words in the following sentence as indicated.

Slowly, the monster turned its evil gaze onto the helpless children.

Please change only the exact word in the sequence given. Each participant should build on the changes made by the previous participant.

For instance, Participant 1 writes #1 Subject Noun, and changes the subject noun; Participant 2 writes #2 Direct Object Noun, and changes the direct object noun, etc.

You are free to make as many changes as you wish. Just remember to number each change (and indicate the part of speech) so it is clear to everyone where we are on the list.

When all 7 changes have been made, return to the top of the list and continue.


1. subject noun

2. direct object noun          
3. indirect object noun                  
4. adjective(s)
5. adverb(s)    
6. verb name      
7. verb tense


SabrinaD155 said...

Slowly, the dog turned its evil gaze onto the helpless children.

Liudmila140 said...

Direct object noun: Slowly, the dog turned its evil LOOK onto the helpless children.

Michael said...

Good. Too bad we didn't get further down the list... :(

Olena140 said...

I totally missed my time on this with being in Hawaii and having a wonderful time :)