28 November 2014


Vocabulary building is important for both reading comprehension and writing. 

Use the following two words in one sentence (note the parts of speech).

obviate (verb) and expertise (noun).

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SabrinaD155 said...

She had an expertise in the kitchen, yet she didn't know how to obivate the skin from the chicken.

Liudmila140 said...

Because of his expertise in driving in poor weather conditions, he was able to obviate a collision.

Olena140 said...

Her expertise in both accounting and IT obviated the need for another specialist.

Michael said...

Well done, Liudmila and Olena.

Sabrina, I'm not sure you've used "obviate" correctly. Have a look at the other examples.

SabrinaD155 said...

I used it as- to remove (I do see that it says to remove a need or difficultly) upon closer observation you are right, If I had put
Jane Doe's expertise in the kitchen obviated her need for a chef.

Would have worked thanks :)