28 February 2014


Vocabulary building is important for both reading comprehension and writing. 

Use the following two words in one sentence (note the part of speech).

subserviently (adjective)  +  malicious (adjective)

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makhdoom said...

Humza Makhdoom 140

The Grand Vizir subserviently carried out the malicious Sultan's command.

makhdoom said...

Humza Makhdoom 140
(better yet....)
Time and time again, the aging Sultan would almost subserviently heed the advice of his malicious advisor.

Michael said...


Audrey L said...

The slave subserviently ran behind the malicious witch.

Michael said...

Well done, Audrey.

Note that I carelessly called "subserviently" an adjective in my original post. Of course, it is an adverb (as you both seem to realize)!