2 May 2013


Studying on my own pace is a lot of benefit for me do to I am not needing to be worrying about no time for attend class. Being a single parent, the classes allows me working and studying and to spend time with my children.
1.      Preposition usage: the wording is “studying at” not “studying on”.
2.      Wording: “a lot of benefit” is not idiomatic; use “beneficial”.
3.      Word confusion: Although they sound the same, do not confuse “do to” with “due to”. Either replace this connective with a different one, or use “due to the fact that …”.
4.      Verb form/tense: with a negative verb form, use the auxiliary verb “do”; also note that for something that is generally true, use the simple present tense. The verb phrase then becomes “do not need”.
5.      Infinitive: the correct form of the following infinitive is “to worry”.
6.      Double negative: There is already a negative form with the verb, and in English, a double negative means the opposite (becomes a positive), so omit the second negative “no”. Replace it with “having”.
7.      Preposition usage: While “time for something” is correct, when there is a verb, the usage is “time to do (attend) something (class).
8.      Word confusion: Here you need the preposition “to” not the adverb “too”.
9.      Word usage: “never minding “ is not idiomatic; use “without regard” or “without worrying about”.
10.  Word confusion: “Whether” is a word to do with choice; in this sentence the noun “weather”, as related to climate, is needed.
11.  Dangling modifier: What is the subject of “being a single parent”? The next clause starts with the subject “the classes”, but that’s not the subject for the previous phrase—you have to supply a subject: e.g. As I am a …
12.  Subject-verb agreement: The plural “classes” requires a plural verb “allow.”
13.  Gerund/infinitive: in this context, use the infinitives “to work” and “to study.”
14.  Parallel structure: With infinitives in place, use parallel structure to simplify the clause: …to work, study, and spend time… .
Possible Answer: Studying at my own pace is beneficial to me as I do not need to worry about having time to attend class or travelling to and from class without regard for the weather. As I am a single parent, the classes allow me to work, study and spend time with my children.

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