16 May 2013

**ACTIVE & PASSIVE, May 16th, 2013**

Use the verb with the base form of bear in two different sentences.

Sentence 1 should be in the active voice.
Sentence 2 should reword the sentence to the passive voice.


KennethENGL140 said...

He was bearing the weight of the workload.

The weight of the workload was bearing on him.

Peggy Ronning said...

1#. The warhorse had borne the strain of the heavy military machinery for over two hundred kilometers.

2#. The strain of the heavy military machinery had been borne for over two hundred kilometers by the warhorse.

Veronica Baig said...

KENNETH: Both sentences are in the active voice;-)
PEGGY: Well done!

Valerie Lefebvre said...

Julie bearded the weight of their workload.

The weight of their workload wad bearded by Julie.

Veronica Baig said...

VALERIE: Check the verb required--bear, not beard;-)