4 March 2013

**ACTIVE & PASSIVE, March 4th, 2013**

Write one sentence in the active voice and one in the passive voice using the verb give.


Sara said...

A: Every day, I give a lot of attention to the boys.
P: Every day, a lot of attention is given to the boys.

Alexey said...

Alexey ENGL140

I usually give money as a birthday present.

An interesting book was given to my son.

YOSUA said...

Yosua Engl140.

My mother gave me the responsibility to watch my little brother.

I was given the responsibility to watch my little brother.

Veronica Baig said...

ALEXEY:Well done:-)
YOSUA: Great sentences:-)

Zeinab140 said...

Ashley gave her friend Tina a nice gift for her birthday.

A nice gift was given to Tina by her friend Ashley.

Peggy Ronning said...

A: The boy will give all of his money to charity.

P: All of the boy's money will be given to charity by him.

Veronica Baig said...

ZEINAB:Good answers:-)
PEGGY: Excellent!