19 March 2013

**ACTIVE & PASSIVE, March 19th, 2013**

Write one sentence in the active voice and one in the passive voice using the verb begin.


Alexey said...

Alexey ENGL140

1. WWII was begun in 1939.
2. Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin began WWII in 1939.

Zeinab140 said...

1. Mary begins her day with meditation.
2. Mary meditation is being begun this very moment.

Veronica Baig said...

ALEXEY:Good sentences, but I think your history is a little off!
ZEINAB: The first sentence is good, but I can't understand what you mean in the second one;-)

saleha Ahmad ENGL 140 said...

1. Sarah begins her day by saying prayers.
2. Sarah began her day by saying her prayers.

YOSUA ENGL40 said...

My training will be begun early tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will begin my training.

Valerie Lefebvre said...

1. Tina ate all the cookies.
2. The cookies were eaten by Tina.

Nazneen 140 said...

I will begin my studies tomorrow.

The studies will be begun tomorrow.

Veronica Baig said...

SALEHA:Both sentences are in the active voice--the first one is simple present, the second one is simple past;-)
YOSUA:OK--you reversed the order, but the sentences are good:-)
VALERIE:Good sentences:-)
NAZNEEN:Well done;-)

Peggy Ronning said...

A. The small child began the prayer.

P. The prayer was begun by the small child.

Veronica Baig said...

PEGGY: Good sentences:-)