15 February 2013

PUZZLE, Feb. 15th, 2013

Previous Puzzle:  Congratulations to Zeinab for the best answer.
Use real names to find the common word that is the name of their son or daughter—there were more than one correct answer to some of these:
Example: Mr and Mrs Voyant - Clare (as in Clairvoyant)
1. Mr and Mrs Tress--Mattress
2. Mr and Mrs Nasium—Gymnasium (Jim)
3. Mr and Mrs Tate—Dictate (Dick)
4. Mr and Mrs Anthemum—Chrysanthemum (Chris)
5. Mr and Mrs Mander—Salamander (Sally)
6. Mr and Mrs Mite—Dynamite (Dinah)
7. Mr and Mrs Time—Just in time (Justin)
New Puzzle: Add one letter at a time to make a new word: example a to adios (a/as/sad/dais/adios)
  1. a … treat
  2. a … flames
  3. u … undress
There may be more than one correct answer, so more than one bonus point to be awarded. All words used must be in the dictionary not a proper noun.


Peggy Ronning said...

1. a/at/eat/tear/treat.

2. a/me/ale/same/males/flames.

3. u/us/run/nude/dress/nurses/undress.

Zeinab140 said...

1. a / at / rat/ tear / treat
2. a / as / sea / sale / false / flames
3. u / us / sue / uses / users/ duress / undress

Veronica Baig said...

PEGGY:You need to build on each word as you did in #1;-)
ZEINAB: A great solution:-)

George M140 said...

1. a / at / art / tart / treat
2. a / am / lam / lame / flame / flames
3. unknown

Veronica Baig said...

GEORGE: The first two are good--take a stab at the the third;-)

George M140 said...

u / us / use / user / users / duress / undress

Kenneth said...




Veronica Baig said...

KENNETH: Almost--"aes" is not a word;-)

RufusENGL143 said...


1. a/at/art/rate/treat
2. a/as/lam/fame/false/flames
3. u/us/sun/undo/under/undress

Veronica Baig said...

RUFUS; That's close, but you need to build on each previous word--fame to false doesn't work;-)