2 February 2017


Follow the instructions below to create three different sentences from the following clause:*

... tomorrow is another day ...

Sentence 1. Add a phrase
Sentence 2. Add a dependent clause
Sentence 3. Add an independent clause

*Add your words to the beginning or end of the clause (but not both) and do not use a semi-colon to join your independent clause.


dianaz said...

Tomorrow is another day, to stay at home.

I am glad that tomorrow is another day.

Tomorrow is another day,to start a new job.

Michael said...

Good try, Diana. But there are still problems with your answers.

Note that your first and last sentences are grammatically identical. As it turns out, they both add an infinitive phrase, so (aside from the unnecessary comma) the first one is correct and your third one is not.

Your second sentence adds an independent clause and makes the original sentence into a dependent clause, which is fine -- but is not what the instructions asked for.