10 November 2016


There are three idioms that use the word leg:

Watch this video, and then write a sentence that uses one (or more) of these three idioms.

Try not to use the same idiom as the other participants.



dianaz said...

My mother was sick while on her cruise and needed the doctor to prescribe her medicine. So, when she went to pay her bill at the end of the cruise it cost her an arm and a leg.

When I told my daughter that Santa was not bringing her any gifts this Christmas. She was very upset so, I had to tell her that I was only pulling her leg.

When my son left his hockey equipment in the dressing room unattended and it was stolen. We had seen other children hanging around in the room but, no one saw the equipment leave the room so,we couldn't accuse them of the robbery because we didn't have a leg to stand on.

Michael said...

Good work with the idioms, Diana. But there are problems with punctuation (comma use) that you should review.