4 February 2016


I am always eating my dinner late while I get home at 8:00 pm but the food is warmed quick in a microwave we brought at a neighbours garage sale.

1. Verb tense:

For repeated actions use the simple present tense: change “am eating” to “eat”.

2. Word confusion:

With a specific time reference, use ‘when” not “while”.

3. Word form:

The adverb is “quickly”--“quick” is an adjective.

4. Word confusion:

The word needed here is “bought”. The simple past tense of “buy” (“brought” is the past tense of “bring”).

5.  Missing word:

The correct usage is “to warm [something] up”: “the food is warmed up”.

6.  Article usage:

A specific microwave is referred to, so it might be best to use the definite article (“the”).

7. Punctuation:

Use a comma before a coordinating conjunction (but) when it separates 2 independent clauses. Also note that an apostrophe is needed in neighbours (neighbour’s) because it is a possessive noun.

8. Capitalization:

Capitalize PM. (MLA format).

Suggested solution:

I always eat my dinner late when I get home at 8:00 PM, but the food is quickly warmed up in the microwave we bought at a neighbour’s garage sale.

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