10 December 2015


Write two sentences using the verb fling.

In the first sentence, use the word in the active voice; in the second sentence, use it in the passive voice.


Josie K said...

1.) The Spring Fling is a lot of fun!

2.) When we went to the Spring Fling, I had a lot of fun.

angel Paniagua Perez said...

Angel 140

I was flung around the dance floor this Saturday.
Water was flung upon the students by the water hose.

Leah said...

Active Voice: She had an amazing fling over the Christmas holidays.
Passive Voice: Over the Christmas holidays, she had an amazing fling.

Leah W. Eng 140

Michael said...

I'm not sure what a "spring fling" is, Josie, but it's not a verb!

Angel, both of your answers use the passive voice.

Leah, both of your answers use "fling" as a noun.

Here is a possibility:

Active: The boy can fling the ball a long way.
PAssive: That ball was flung a long way!