11 December 2014


Write two sentences using the word lay.

In the first sentence, use the word in the active voice; in the second sentence, use it in the passive voice.


Olena140 said...

Maxim is laying a table for dinner. The table was laid for dinner by Maxim.

AndrewS said...

The army is laying siege on the fort. The judge laid down the law during the trial.

Liudmila140 said...

Chickens lay eggs.
Eggs are laid by chickens.

Michael said...

Well done, Olena and Liudmila!

Andrew, your second sentence is not in the passive voice.

Michael said...

Here are some possible variations using this difficult word:

Present, transitive, active: "Now I lay me down to sleep."

Past, transitive, active: "Then I laid me down to sleep."

Present, transitive, passive: "The book is laid on the floor."

Past, transitive, passive: "The book was laid on the floor."

Present, intransitive, active: "Now I lie in bed."

Past, intransitive, active: "Then I lay in bed."

Present, intransitive, passive: none.

Past, intransitive, passive: none.