5 July 2014


If the sentence is singular, change it to the plural; if it is plural, change it to the singular.

My sisters’ friends went to various city parks to participate in the Canada Day celebrations. At some parks there were speeches by dignitaries. At others, there were special children’s events, complete with games, clowns, and face painting. Wherever they went, there were happy, flag-waving crowds of proud Canadians.


rehabo said...

Our sister's friend went to one city park to participate in Canada Day Celebration. at one park there was speech by dignitary. At another there was child's event, complete with game, clowns, and face painting. Whenever he went there was happy, flags-waving crowd of proud Canadian.

Audrey L said...

My sister’s friend went to one city park to participate in the Canada Day celebration. At this park, there was speech by a dignitary. At another, there was a special children’s event, complete with a game, a clown, and face painting. Wherever he went, there was a happy proud flag-waving Canadian crowd.

Michael said...

Good try, rehabo. But watch your punctuation and article use.

Good job, Audrey. You just missed one article. Can you see it?