4 April 2014


Correct the errors in the following sentence:

The commentator said its the most unique program was skated at the competition and they are skating unbelievable therefore it hasn't been surprised that the audience have given them the standing ovation.

Solutions will be posted in the next edition of the blog.


Anonymous said...

The commentator said the most unique program at the competition was skating, and they were skating unbelievable, therefore, it wasn’t being surprised that the audience has given them the standing ovation.

Audrey L said...

The commentator said it was the most unique program skated at the competition and their skating was unbelievable, therefore, it wasn't surprising that the audience gave them the standing ovation.

Michael said...

Good try, both of you. But there are still errors to be found.

I will post the solution tomorrow.

Also, "Anonymous", if you are an AU student and want to get credit for your participation on the blog, be sure to register with a unique nickname, and let your tutor know what it is.