18 October 2013

Previous Grammar Question

Peter and me are needing knowing to who to address the letter before its written in it's envelope and than being posted by us too the company in the states.

1. Pronoun: “Peter” is the subject of the verb “are needing” and so is “me”; therefore it should be “I” as “me” is the direct object pronoun.
2. Verb tense: For something that is generally true rather than something that is ongoing, use the simple present tense “need” instead of the present progressive “are needing”.
3. Relative Pronoun: “Who” is the subject pronoun—after “to” the object pronoun “whom” is grammatically correct.
4. Apostrophe “s”: In this sentence, “its” means “it is”; a letter is omitted so use an apostrophe. However, “it’s” is incorrect because this time it is a possessive.
5. Word confusion: Don’t mix up “than” and “then”; “than” is used in comparisons; “then” indicates what happened next. Also don’t confuse “to” the preposition with “too” the adverb.
6. Verb form: “being posted” is a progressive form of the verb; here the passive voice can be confusing as the word is “been”; they sound very similar.
7. Capitalization: Whether it’s the United States, or just the States, it’s a proper noun and requires a capital letter.
8. Punctuation: Elements that are non-essential grammatically to a sentence are set off with commas—use commas around “in its envelope”; this is why items in a series are set off with commas.

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