27 July 2013


There are three idioms that use the word MONKEY:

Watch this VIDEO and then write a sentence of your own that uses one of these three idioms.



Marissa143 said...

1)To monkey around

My boss thought I was monkeying around during the meeting, but I was not.

2)Monkey business

The pitch for this product sounds like a monkey business.

3)To make a monkey on someone

Next time, I should be careful of making a monkey on someone for I could be sued for harassment.

Tamara said...

Thanks Marissa!

CarolineA140 said...

1) My brother got hurt when we were monkeying around in the backyard.
2) "Geez, he's really trying to make a monkey out of you."
3) "Hmmmm...I'm not sure, but this sound like monkey business to me."

Andrea140 said...

1- Please stop monkeying around, and help me with our project.